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Class Notes:


– The role and impact

1. Creative Entrepreneurs Brings dynamic to the city and the economy

2. It will form a new industry chain to drive the development of related industries

3. It promote sustained economic growth and social progress

4. Creative Entrepreneurs is a high economic efficiency of the industry


Creative Entrepreneurs features

1. Opportunities

The key difference between creative entrepreneurship and traditional entrepreneurship is that the former emphasizes that creativity can derive market opportunities and emphasize the support and promotion of cultural and artistic opportunities for entrepreneurship. Creativity can be a stone, often create a story or an image will be able to achieve a business, and access to great economic benefits. Such as Disney animated characters Mickey Mouse, authorized by the use of the image, a year of product sales of 4.7 billion US dollars.

2. Innovation

Entrepreneurship means that innovation and change, innovative creative business practices can change the way of economic growth while enhancing competitiveness, creative entrepreneurship is through creative innovation for business success in the dream and reality between a bridge between. When a creative idea is discovered, it can be transformed into an innovative product.

“Creative” is increasingly being highlighted as the mainstream of innovation: from the point of view of innovation, creativity emphasizes the cultural connotation of innovation, innovation is not only for the middle of the means of production and tools of technological creativity, but also the meaning of people and Value of the creative response; from the innovative point of view, on the one hand, more emphasis on creativity is the original ecological innovation, on the other hand, more emphasis on creativity is “live” innovation.


As a kind of controllable resource-deprived opportunity-driven behavior, entrepreneurial activity is largely influenced by the individual characteristics of the entrepreneur. The notable feature of creative entrepreneurship is that the creative start-ups are influenced by the entrepreneur’s individual creative values. Creative business activities is the value of the center, creative products carrying cultural value, artistic value or simple entertainment value.

Mainly by the creative decision of the product heterogeneity of value, to create high value-added contribution, far more than the contribution of product quality. Cultural creativity and technological innovation are two engines that enhance our value-added products and competitiveness, because any product and service has two kinds of values, one is determined by its technology, that is, functional value, and one is by cultural factors We are called conceptual values.

– Make Creative Entrepreneurs drive change

The emergence of creative entrepreneurs and the creation of creative enterprises, not only to promote sustained and rapid economic development, for people to create more wealth and employment opportunities, but also in the rich material life at the same time, let people enjoy creative thinking to bring their own In the promotion of social and cultural diversity at the same time, enhance social harmony.

1 Government guidance and protection of intellectual property rights

The government can act on the market mechanism, which can make the market more efficient by eliminating the imperfect management conditions that lead to the market. At present, the development of creative industries need to be solved urgently: First, the lack of unified coordination mechanism of creative industries, resulting in government more than one door; the second is encountered piracy problems, greatly combat the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation; Third, the lack of policy industry development guide

2 Create a creative industry platform

Construction of creative industry platform, can create a significant role in creative activities. The creative industry platform brings together a series of nonprofit creative intermediary services, including financial, legal, construction, industry and other senior experts, they can help entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial willingness and entrepreneurial ability for creative enterprises to identify venture capital , For government funds to support, project planning and evaluation, personnel training, etc., which can provide creative services for enterprises. According to the survey, more than 99% of the creative enterprises are small and medium enterprises, generally lack of funds, information, management experience and business channels, independent viability is not strong, coupled with the creative industry has a high market risk, these characteristics determine the creative business from the Open public service platform support.

CE can break the industry monopoly and regional blockades, integrate of social resources, play agglomeration effect, cultivate creative market, build and improve the creative industry chain.

3Provide financial support

The significance of financial support is that it can spread the risk of entrepreneurship, accumulate the capital to support growth and expansion.

At present, many creative enterprises research and development of creative products and creative technology often lack the financial support. From the development trend, the creative business and creative enterprise development has reached a critical moment. Financing is the biggest problem of sustainable development of creative entrepreneurship. As new businesses and small businesses often lack experience and credit records, facing higher risks and so on, it is difficult to get support from venture capital firms and commercial banks. Research shows that plans for small business financing, such as creating investment companies, providing low-interest loans and credit guarantees can help create new businesses.

4 Cultivate creative human resources and management skills

As a highly respected individual creative creative business, creative talent has a significant significance, the development of creative enterprises rely on creative human capital investment and the rise of creative class. Creative enterprises in the core competitiveness lies in talent, and this is precisely the bottleneck of the development of domestic creative industries. Therefore, we need to vigorously develop and introduce creative talents. According to Richard Florida’s research, the spiritual qualities of the creative people make them different from those around them. In addition, this temperament also affects and determines their choice of place of residence, work style and so on. Therefore, in terms of the city, it is an important symbol of the vitality of a city’s creative industry, whether it can provide the creative and natural environment for the creative people. At present, the primary problem of the development of creative industries is to strengthen and improve the understanding of the importance of the development of creative industries, the establishment of a new generation of creative industries of personnel training and education mechanism, and vigorously develop creative talent education.




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