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The case study should apply environmental economics and one or more other framework covered in the unit (ecological economics, eco-Marxist, eco-feminist) to explore the nature of, and policy responses to, an environmental challenge linked to one of the following topics. You will find possible points of focus for each topic and a suggested structure on Blackboard.

Me and my car: are private modes of transport sustainable? The future for fish/fishing
Water management for an increasingly thirsty world
The end of cheap food?

Resource depletion: Peak oil
Consumption and waste
Fossil fuels: can our reliance really be phased out? Ecosystem services and the biodiversity crisis
Case studies will be assessed on the following criteria:

Application of orthodox and radical theories to diagnose the nature of an environmental challenge Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of dominant policy/political responses and alternatives
Use of empirical evidence to evaluate concepts and support claims
Extent, depth and relevance of research

Clarity of expression and development of a well-structured argument Proper and consistent referencing