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Critical Essay
It has been proven time and again that empowerment in the workplace directly affects the motivation and subsequently performance of an employee in the workplace. This is the reason why students pursuing management as a major are expected to study this topic. It is one of the core topics that are covered in the course in question. Empowerment refers to the process of making an employee more confident through various methods such as sending them for training seminars for example. Afterwards, the said employees will gain more confidence and will work even harder than before (Mooney, 2013).
For this reason, it is a crucial aspect of any business since it affects the productivity of the employees. Its inclusion in this course is very significant since it enables the students to get to know the important factors that contribute to a successful organization in the market. Empowerment also has some additional effects on the employees in a particular workplace. It leads to the change in the mind-set of the employees which results in contentment at their place of work. The apparent change in their way of thinking is mostly attributed to the fact that the confidence levels increase. For this reason, they tackle more challenges effectively which increases their productivity significantly (Mooney, 2013).
As a result, the employees are content at their workplace which is very important for any successful business venture. The presence of this topic in this course is crucial. It depicts the effects that empowerment has on the employee and by extension the company in question. Having learnt this, the students will be able to understand how important empowerment is and various methods that they can use in order to empower their future employees. Therefore, this topic is very important for any student pursuing a major in management as it enables them to gain more insight into various factors which affect the employees who are in truth the backbone of an organization (Mooney, 2013).
Progress report
Date report was submitted:
Name of recipient:
Position of recipient:
Name of writer;
Position of writer:
Subject of the report: Course assessment
This report will highlight several aspects that have been taken into consideration by management students. The report will clearly depict the works that have been completed, issues raised, future plans and a summary. Information provided in the report is specific to each student and his or her group if allocated any.
Work Completed
Jan 10th – Groups were allocated on this day and an essay provided for each of them which required them to write on the importance of appropriate management in an organization
Jan 13th – First meeting held by the group to discuss and complete the given essay.
Jan 14th – Second meeting held by the group to finalize the essay writing.
Jan 15th – Submission of the essay to the instructor of the course
Jan 20th – Some research questions were provided by the instructor. They were required to be done individually.
Jan 22nd – Group met in order to help each other with the questions given.
Jan 25th – Individually began to work on the questions given. Visited various firms in our vicinity in order to obtain some vital information
February 10th – Group held a meeting to compare the results that had been obtained by each member of the group.
Feb 15th – Finalized on the questions and submitted a draft copy to the instructor for corrections if any.
Feb 28th – Received the draft back with some minor mistakes that I rectified.
March 7th – Submitted the final draft of the research question given.
Mar 18th – Instructor gives the groups a critical essay to work on with regard to any of the topics in the course.
Mar 22nd – First meeting with the group to plan a way forward about the writing of the essay
Mar 30th – Second meeting where by all the points were submitted and the most viable ones selected by consensus.
Apr 2nd –Third meeting, draft essay was written by the group members
Apr 5th – Final essay was written with all the important corrections
Apr 8th – Submission of the critical essay to the instructor
In some cases, it was difficult to agree on some points since the members all had differing opinions. Meeting times were also challenging since some students had examinations during this period that they needed to prepare for.
Future Plans
A specific meeting time will be created taking into consideration the schedules of all the members of the group.
Management is a vital component in the business world. Proper management leads to the flourishing of a company while the reverse is also true. Therefore, this course is very important for any student with an interest in the business world (Burrow & Kleindl, 2013). Several topics are included in this course and all of them are equally important. One of them is the effect that empowerment has on the employees in the workplace. Several points have been raised with regard to this issue and its significance. A critical analysis of the prominence of this topic in the course is included in this paper. It is well known that employees are very important of the success of any company. If the employees in questionnaire well treated, their productivity will increase and this will boost the performance of the company. For this reason, their empowerment is very crucial.
A progress report provides simplified information about the actions taken by individuals with regard to various matters. In this case, it was a summary of all the actions undertaken by both the groups and individuals in the management course (Zhu, 2012). All the important events are documented in order to ensure that the instructor, as in this case, is well informed of the actions taken by the students. For this reason, he or she is able to correct them is they go astray. It also includes any issues that may have affected them during the
period stipulated as well as any future plans that they may have. A progress report is, therefore, an invaluable asset as evidenced by the imperative information provided in this particular one.
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