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History of Hong Kong
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See 385handout.docx, write 250 words per question. Thank you.
Please read the textbook: The history of Hong Kong by Chin Lim, and the lecture notes,
Answer the following questions in prose, at least 250 words each.
1. According to carl smith, english-educated Chinese elite in 19th century Hong Kong generally held four common careers. Identify and elaborate these 4 common careers (The English-educated Chinese elite in 19 the century Hong Kong)
2. According to K.N Jaid, “the china trade constituted a prelude to the immigration of Indians to Hong Kong….” Explain this statement with relevant examples as outlined by Jaid (Overseas indian community in HongKong, chapter1)
3. Explain the definition of “three legged stool” as outlined by James Tang and Frank Ching. (Balancing the Beijing-London- Hong Kong ‘three-legged stool’, 1971-1986)
4. Merchants in 19th century Hong Kong assumed a leadership role in the Chinese community by providing social services and welfare. Discuss with relevant examples
5. Define Hong Kong government’s positive – non intervention policy. Discuss its significances in post 1945 Hong Kong with relevant examples