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1. APA style (references MUST be cited on APA style, please support all claims with evidence)
2. References 8 – ONLY peer review articles or books (paper will be forwarded to
SafeAssign.com for comparison and Trunittin.com)
3. 8 pages long Outline (You are welcome to modify the structure but make sure add the main points)

Title: Competency in Counseling Immigrants

• Describe/Define the problem; Immigrants and refugees coming into this country they need counseling services.
• What are their needs? What their Issues/Problems?
Not all immigrants are legally here, many ethnicities; face their unique struggles.

Example of some problems: (don’t need to mention all, only the ones you can support)
-Social Issues; Adaptation, acculturation, discrimination, abuse. Immigrants struggle to adapt to a new culture, new, language, customs, norms, and tradition from one day to another they found themselves living a new reality.

-Lack of proper documentation; some immigrants are in documented. They are forced to work under the table. They are subjective to poor wages. Some are exposed to chemicals and pesticides in their work. Some women are subjective to sexual assault/rape in their work, in their neighborhoods, and even at their home and are afraid to report because they fear deportation. Many women fall into human trafficking, and others are subjective to live in domestic violence. Immigrant women married with American citizenships are subjective to be abused by their husband.

-Lack of resources; Lack of health insurance, affordable housing, transportation, financial aid, unstable jobs, difficulty in meeting their ends. Chronic illness conditions

-Family Dysfunction; immigrant families, work extended hours leave children unattended. Children fall behind school level because of language barriers. Children may have a high risk dropping out school and engaging in illegal activities, gang member, drugs, etc. Parents struggle with children because they are acting out in School/ School/CPS coming into the parents add pressure/stress. Man engage in substance abuse as a coping mechanism to deal with anxiety and depression.

– Emotional Instability; leave their home country. Farm workers work seasonal and move from time to time to different cities of US. Children fail to establish friendship relationships. They are unable to create a social network and connections.

–Housing problems; Immigrant families live with multi-families in a single home (some families live separated in order to afford ( mom and daughters in one room and father and sons in another room. Some families live in labor camps and lack basic needs such water, heater, and proper poor nutrition

-Family Separation deportation; some parent face deportation and leave family behind. Children and spouse struggle to adapt to leave with out the parent. Some family members left behind might develop coping mechanism to cope with the pain by engaging in unhealthy activities while others might develop negative emotional reactions such anger, depression, anxiety or panic attacks

• What are some of the issues that counselor’s face?


• What makes a counselor competent?

• What are the issues that immigrant face when they came across into counseling? Ex. Language, culture, perspective, culture norms

• What is immigrant’s perception about counselors? Is there any research about it?
• Define/describe; what is scope practice and scope of competence in mental health counseling?

• Why is important for counselors to be multicultural competent/sensitive/awareness when working with immigrates ?

• What do the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD) and American Association for Counseling and Development (AACD) states about multicultural counseling competence?

• How important is for counselors to have inclusive cultural empathy (taking your culture into account when counseling)
example (again, don’t need to mention all, but support with evidence)
1. Effective communication with patients

2. Build trust
3. Easy process for both counselor and patient 4. Built counselor-patient relationship
5. Effective treatment
6. High successful outcome/Best results

• What is the success rate on aware multicultural counselors vs. aware multicultural counselors?

• What are the legal and ethical implications for a counselor who lacks the multicultural competence/cultural awareness/cultural sensitive/cultural empathy when working with immigrants ?

• What are the findings?

• What is missing? There is no research on how on immigrant’s perception when they came across with a counselor from a different culture…….

• What needs to be done? For future research regarding counseling immigrants,
future research needs to be done on……ex. there is no research about immigrant’s perception about counselors

• Conclusion
-Summarize the entire paper. What are the problems/ ramifications? -opinion

The counselor should be competent and aware of immigrant issues to understand their struggles and provide proper and efficient treatment. The counselor should be sensitive and connect immigrant with local resources. The most common mental health issues reported by immigrants are depression, anxiety, and domestic violence. According to …… the core cause of the previous health conditions lies on …..