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Instruction & Requirements:
Each student will be required to select TWO different companies that belong to the same industry and compare their supply chain management tactics and strategies. 
Be sure to use APA format for referencing. A minimum of five recent sources ( less than one year) as work cited is required. Using tables to compare and contrast the two companies is highly recommended. The project should have the following sections: 
•Overview of the 2 companies and their 4 P’s of marketing 
•SWOT Analysis of the 2 companies 
•Identify any competitive advantages in supply chain management one company might have over the other.  
•Suggest alternatives to lower the impact of any competitive advantage from the competition using elements of the supply chain. 
•APA Reference page 
Read the text below first
Comparing the supply chain management tactics and Strategies for two different companies

Service: Research paper Urgency: 4 days
Type of work: Writing Total: $XXX
Study level: College Draft delivery: NO
Number of pages: 4 Outline: Yes
Number of sources: 5 Cover Page: Yes
Referencing style: APA Bibliography / Formatted reference list: Yes
Spacing: Double Language/sources: US