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Apply state and county data to assess trends in opioid use and abuse
Develop an evidenced based recommendation to reduce opioid use in selected Maryland county based on its demographics
Enhance analytical and writing competencies

The Baltimore Sun Jan 7, 2017 reported Maryland’s extremely high hospital rates for opioid cases. These rates are high across the state: men and women of all ages and backgrounds from both rural and urban areas.

Please read these reports:

Medicaid fact sheet for Maryland
Use and Abuse of Opioids in Maryland

In the Maryland state Overdose report 2016, pages 13-24 relate to opioid use and deaths. Select a county of interest and then report and analyze the following related to: Each question has to be actually written and answered. This is actually the whole paper

1. Analyze trends in opioid use in the selected county over the past years (estimated 100-125 words) I am choosing Baltimore City.
2. Discuss demographic factors in your selected county that contribute to the trends. Check https://www.maryland-demographics.com/ for demographics of selected county.Support your discussion of factors with evidence from at least 2 recent (last 5 years) authoritative sources (estimated 100-125 words)

3. Propose a recommendation of a county-wide program to meet the needs in this county to reduce the county’s opioid rates for a selected demographic group. Example: age group, and/or racial group etc.Discuss and analyze the benefits and costs of your proposed program based on evidence from at least 3 recent (last 5 years) authoritative sources (different from sources above) (estimated 200-250 words)

Estimated word count 400-500 – no penalty if exceeded. In your response:

Please review APA format re: citing information from sources. It is important not to directly quote from any source. Paraphrase (put into your own words) and then cite source. Online librarian can provide help.

Estimated word count 400-500 words- however this is just estimate – no penalty for exceeding. Include citations and then list references at the end of the paper – in APA format
NO quoting directly from the source

Please note that when you cite from the text chapter to support a claim, you need to cite the authors of the textbook in the citation and in the reference list.

Example of citation from chapter of a book and reference.

Jones, C.B. 2001. “The Future Registered Nurse Workforce in Healthcare Delivery.” In The Nursing Profession, edited by N.L. Chaska, 123-38. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Reference listed at the end.

Example of citation from peer-reviewed article.

Kerr, Josyula, & Littenberg (2011), conducted an eight week study on the analysis of relaxation and found that each participant felt one way in the beginning of the study (positive) and at the end of the study the participant felt the opposite (negative). Cited in the work.

Kerr, C. E., Josyula, K., & Littenberg, R. (2011). Developing an observing attitude: an analysis of meditation diaries in an MBSR clinical trial. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy,18(1), 80-93. doi:10.1002/cpp.700 Reference listed at the end