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1- Ascertain what professional knowledge, skills and behaviours are required by HR professionals in one of your CHOSEN ORGANISATION for a job role you aspire to fulfil in your future?

2- Carry out and analyse your personal skills audit to identify knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for your future job role within your chosen organisation – Review the skills and competencies you will need to undertake your chosen job role well; producing job role specifications, using frameworks such as SWOT, learning styles to identify developmental needs?

3- Identify components, similarities and differences between organisational and individual learning and training and development, relating to models and approaches, including at least 2 of the models and approaches, e.g. Fleming’s VARK, Bloom’s taxonomy, Kolb Learning Style Inventory, Honey-Mumford Model and types of CDP and activities involved?

4- Analyse the need for continuous learning and professional development at both individual and organisational level and justify how this may drive sustainable business performance, including in your close examination the characteristics of “Learning Organisations” and challenges?

5- You have been awarded a contract as an external Learning and Development Consultant by a large global organisation. The Director of Human Resources (HR) of this organisation requires you to produce an individual report which must address the question BELOW:
Define the components of High Performance Work components and show how HPW organisations model contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage in your chosen organisation – using different perspectives and approaches such as universalistic, contingency or resource-based view..etc ?

6- Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different performance management approaches and systems and demonstrate by providing specific examples how collaboration over individual achievement approach can support high-performance culture and commitment?