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Business Improvement

Efficient and dependable prospecting helps companies that depend on sales to reach targeted revenue streams. For this company to improve sales results, the company needs to implement a five-step action plan. This paper defines and shows how to apply the steps to help salespersons to improve their performance.

  1. Make a decision

As the title suggests, it is making a choice to be in the sales team of the company. Any professional has aspects of their job that they do not like. It is quite common. It is, however, important for them to do these things since their entire profession, what they get paid to do, encompasses it all. Reality testing should be employed here. The persons seeking to be a part of the team should objectively evaluate themselves emotionally against real life- seeing things for what they are and what they hope it them to be.  It is knowing the full scope of their job description so that they can decide whether they are willing to go all the way with it.

It is important more so in the sales department since they are paid for prospecting, thus making it vital that they are internally motivated to do what is required. Individuals that make the decision to be in sales willingly are more likely to go the extra mile when it comes to delivering results thus improving the company’s revenue streams.

  1. Ask yourself the tough questions

It is self-assessment. The sales persons then need to be self-aware for them to discover their “why” and “what.” Reality testing comes into play here again but from an emotional intelligence point of view. What this means is that a sales person must look at themselves objectively to see if they are doing what is required to get the job done and to improve at it. It is not enough to simply want to be better, but one should also put in the time and effort to achieve this. In the book by Stanley Colleen, he shows and example of a reality test that gives a bearing steps taken to elevate one’s selling skills. He proposes sales persons to ask themselves the following:

  1. Am I engaging an average of two books, business or sales, a month?
  2. Do I seek advice from my peers and those above me?
  • Do I have timely goals set out with deadlines and a plan of how to achieve them?
  1. Am I actively practicing my sales pitch at least two hours each week?
  2. Do I attend at least two workshops annually that educate me to grow professionally and on a personal level?
  3. Am I increasing my selling operations?

These questions help the team to self-evaluate themselves on an individual level to increase their productivity and thus earn the company more money.

  1. Plan for success

It is developing critical performance metrics to compare with your plan. It acts as an indication of whether you are on the right track. The plan should be quantifiable to show possible progress. Using quantity as a gauge, the sales persons do not depend on hope as their strategy and thus can test their reality with valid measures of success.

The specific development plan should involve outreach programs, networking events, meeting with referral partners, having an online social presence to ease marketing and reaching out to clients with advice as opposed to pushing sales agendas. These steps should be quantifiable sin order to place them against what has been done so far to gauge the level of completeness.

The team should have several alternate ways to generate opportunities monthly. Diversifying the prospecting plan yields results regardless of the times.

  1. Manage your emotions

As in any profession that involves interactions with people, emotions are bound to come into play. It is, therefore, imperative for sales persons to keep their emotions in check and not let them get in the way of meeting work expectations. It is easier said than done as we are emotional beings and draw our motivations from emotions as stated above.

Self-talk is a good way of managing emotions. It is the private monolog individuals have with themselves. Research in ideas like the law of attraction proves that what you say to yourself affect your deeds. Having a negative self-talk is the self-prophesying of failure. A positive self-talk helps the sales individuals to keep a constructive outlook on the situation giving them the motivation to go above and beyond the call of duty when doing their work. Prospecting and planning and then more prospecting. Revenue streams are guaranteed to get increased.

  1. Get an accountability partner or coach

It is important to have the sales team be their “brother’s keeper.” The members should be encouraged them to form mentoring relationships between themselves. If everyone invests in the success of their peers, then they can help each other grow by exchanging ideas and teaching each other their experiences on the job. A little friendly competition is always welcome.

Through this, members can identify their weaknesses and strengths to improve their skills better. Finding the right partner is important, but in the case of this company, sales persons can have different experiences that could be beneficial to other members to help their peers not make the same mistakes, saving time and improving the skills of everyone involved.


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